Most people at our first gathering felt that a regular, consistent structure for conversation would work best for them, and the suggested frequency was once a month. This structure will be flexible enough that people could come in and out of participation depending on the fullness of their lives. The idea is that this group will not have a single leader, but be driven by the energy and ideas of any participant who would like to convene a conversation. I am happy to maintain the blog and facilitate the birth of SWALK, but it is my hope that it will be a child of our community as a whole.

So, it’s time to choose a specific topic/reading and date for January. How about Saturday January 22nd, 10 AM to 11.30 AM? Would a different time work better, like a weekday evening? Since this it not firmed up yet, please send any thoughts about the proposed day/time.

I would be willing to secure a venue for this next meeting Рunless someone in the group would like to host. In looking over the list of topics so far (in the Conversation Topics category on this blog), does anyone have an article or a link that would provide material for a first  discussion? Post here and we can see how much interest it generates!

You are welcome to send the blog information to anyone you think would enjoy sharing thoughtful conversation, and they can join the list by subscribing.