We held our first meeting at Grand Arts in Kansas City, on Saturday December 4th, 2010. This is the list of conversation topics that were suggested by everyone in the gathering. I have grouped some different participants’ suggestions together where there was congruency.

+ several people spoke about their interest in focused conversations in response to a shared stimulus such as an article or a topic that could be researched beforehand

+ several people spoke about a desire to connect with others about sustainable lives. self-sustenance, beekeeping, food, community gardening etc.

+ alternative community spaces

+ the role that Kansas City plays in the larger nation, a sense of place

+ conversation itself, how to create conversation groups that are less homogenous, conversations across boundaries. multigenerational

+ the feminine aspects of community structures and connection

+ globalisation, transnationalism, translation

+ environment, ecosystems, land use, water use

+ how we have become what we are, evolution of the cultural/social fabric

+ gender identity

+ walking

+ contemporary art topics, art ecosystems

+ comuunication beyond words, aspects of visual communication that transcend polarization

+ technology in our lives

+ smallness and the ordinary

+ immediacy and its relationship to sustainability

+ local current events

+ dreams

+ dance, culture, leisure, work

+ compassion, sharing, oneness with spirit, wholeness, completeness

+ magic

+ emotional frontiers, emotional maturity. emotional self-awareness

+ alternative economies

+ listening, observing what we choose to remember. take into ourselves, listening for what has been lost in daily life

If you were not able to be part of this initial gathering, but would like to refine or add to this list. please post here… xo