The premise of SWALK is that engaging with others in continuing conversation is the foundation of a civil society, because this commitment demonstrates the most caring, co-creative capacities of humankind. Talking together, sharing opinions, listening, and discussing provocative, sometimes difficult ideas, are all ways to constantly grow as an individual – but they seem also to be essential practices for shaping a sustainable common future, in which our public relationships reflect the love we more easily feel for family and friends.

The name Smart Women And Loving Kin is a tribute to the many intelligent, talented, articulate women in Kansas City who are interested in open,  curiosity-driven conversation . Of course there are quite a few smart men in town too, and we invite anyone, of any gender, who would like to participate in thoughtful conversation – hence the Loving Kin!

The acronym is also a humorous reflection on the days of wartime letter writing, when people who cared for each other would write SWALK on the back of their envelope – to indicate that it had been sealed with a loving kiss.